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Jenny 43, Housewife

What started out as a hobby, worked out to be something that brought lasting changes to my life. As a housewife, I didn’t have a lot to do when I wasn’t keeping the house up, cooking for my family or taking care of the kids. I was looking for something that would give me something to do while maybe making a little extra money for things like Christmas gifts and college funds.

I stumbled across coinkrypto when searching for such an activity, and it intrigued me because of its apparent simplicity when compared to other trading options such as the more traditional foreign exchange (Forex) market.

After doing a bit of research and finding some YouTube videos which taught me what I needed to know about coinkrypto, I realized that coinkrypto was a great option for me because I’m home a lot and have always had the news running in the background to keep up on the happenings in the world. Having the free time I needed to understand world events and the right tools to use that knowledge gave me an edge that has made coinkrypto an intensely liberating exercise.

I’ve gained a lot of freedom through coinkrypto, including financial freedom, as well as the freedom (and confidence) I needed to enact some very positive changes in my life. My family and I make good use of our additional opportunities and are taking a trip to Asia for vacation this year! That’s something we never would have been able to do before I discovered coinkrypto.


Amanda 39, Sales Manager

My husband originally introduced me to the concept of coinkrypto. He has a propensity for picking up new hobbies and then dropping them if they’re not interesting, or sharing them with me if they catch his fancy.

When he picked up trading, he initially did a lot of reading about trading in general and always had the TV tuned to a financial news report of some kind. He dabbled a bit in many different types of trading, but once he tried Forex and Bitcoin Investment, he knew it was how he wanted to trade. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll ever be much better than average as a trader. He just doesn’t have the patience; he was constantly chomping at the bit to make a trade.

While he’s made a few good trades, he’s a few bad ones, too. He finally got tired of trading, but his account still had a little money in it, so I asked him if he’s mind if I tried my hand at it. He was doubtful I’d even be able to understand it, but as it wasn’t a lot of money and was already out of the household budget anyway; he told me to give it a whirl.

Well, my husband need not have worried about my being able to comprehend coinkrypto! I took to it like a fish in water. In just about six months, I’d grown that little bit of starter money into an account twenty-five times its original size.

When you take into account all the bad trades I made while I was still learning the ropes, it’s really quite an astonishing accomplishment. Even more astonishing is that, after an additional four months, I had parlayed the original sum of less than $150 into more than $15,000. I took that money and remodeled my kitchen and bathroom, but I left a little for seed money in new trades. I know I can repeat my success and have already started trading again.

Rossmery Rodriguez 65, Blogger

I’m Rossmery Rodriguez, I am a New Binary Option Trader and I came across coinkrypto after I had recently lost money with Pearson Method. I have recently read the interesting report on Social Trading – so now I plan to try this avenue and check out what people who are doing proper analysis are doing. I am still trading on a Demo Account so far, but from my demo I started with a capital of $1000 and now it is reading $3500 in one month of trading. It is not a phenominal profit – but then again, I only have time to trade for two or three hours a day after work. I also made many mistakes in the beginning before I kept a trading journal, so my Fake Money was almost all gone immediately. Slowly I am building it up. I want to thank the bloggers on coinkrypto for very level headed advice.

John Hatwick 49, Investor

“As an experienced investor I was a bit skeptical about my bad past experience sending money to people at the beginning. But a few months after receiving my money in my Wife bank account, I have to admit that I was wrong thinking all finger are all equal, as it has become an invaluable help. I recommend fully working with coinkrypto as beginners and also for more experienced investors who want to have better results and more free time.” All thanks to support from coinkrypto, God bless you and your family.“

Ezequias Rocoha @ezeiasrocha89

Great work guys I am greatful for your help, also thanks for your quick response to my enquires I will continue to trade with you guys.

Donavin Loureze

Great app to use during the day. they have great online support.If you loss any money it's a mistake you made yourself.I've read some of this reviews on here people making coinkrypto sound bad.If you don't trust them yet then facebook me personally i dont work for them or anything.I'll be honest with you

Fong Xiongkun Xin

Excellent interface. Great support - shoutout to Alex :) Only problem is that the risk exposure (i.e. maximum purchaseable option) is not forthcoming. Took me months before I figured it out but by then I'd made losses. As such, I only trade EUR/USD as it regularly gives the highest risk exposure (about 2.5k). Withdrawals have had no issue for me at all. It was a painful process to set up (e-wallet, sending bank card details, passport details, drivers' licence...), but once done, everything is pretty smooth. Ideal case is to deposit from a card, withdraw to a card, withdraw to the e-wallet and then withdraw from the e-wallet back to the card (especially if you're in a country that's not 'supported' by the e-wallet).

Salem @Motseolapile1545

- I am looking forward to doing business with you guys. I activated my account, wish me luck. Lol!!!!!!

Benedict Gift Moses

Best app for beginners... really great I recommend it to anyone. Best working with Bollinger bands and RSI indicators combined. Lost of profits

Acialwip @acialwipythy

@coinkrypto Great site, trustworthy and reliable. Have made about £3,600 and will continue to trade here.

Louai N. AlAdham

I Love the fact that I can take you anywhere #coinkrypto...best #APP ever....trade with a mood guys....it matters... good luck all...

Ed Li Oswald

Half a year ago I, in spite of all the persuasions of my relatives and friends, decided to start a managed account with coinkrypto I will describe everything step by step, how I did it. First they asked me to register with one of their recommended broker, as they managed accounts only on their 2 brokers: Anyway, I chose coinkrypto, as it appeared more understandable for me and the site itself is user friendly. I created an account there, emailed my ID copy and signed the contract. By the way, the contract clearly states how much profit I will get at the end of the contract term. That seemed good sign, as during my investigation before opening this account, I checked with 4 other binary option trading companies and brokers and they did not indicate the guaranteed profit on the contract. Well, for me that was another good sign to start. My final step in this whole “financial adventure” was to make the deposit. I did the wire transfer, and coinkrypto received it next business day. That was great: all done in time, no delays, no much paperwork. And there I was. Trading started. I followed the trading every day, and in the beginning I could login to my account to see the results almost every hour. But after seeing the good results and profit earning I became calmer, just relaxed. It feels so good when someone works for you and you just know that you will get the money. I started the account back in March, the trading finished in August. 2 weeks later the trading finished I got my withdrawal which, you should understand me, was one of the best moments of my life: money, lots of money! I do appreciate the work that the coinkrypto guys did for me. I do not intend to stop, and have already sent another portion of investment, a higher one this time, to get back even more!

Ingeborg Falk

Let me get this straight – I’m not a good trader, never have been. I heard about coinkrypto from my friend and tried it but never got results I wanted and didn’t have enough time to get better at it. So when I came across the notion of Forex and Bitcoin Investment managed account, I thought that it was perfect for me: I don’t need to do anything, pros will do everything for me. Sure, it’s a big investment, but that also means big profits, right? It turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me, cause in just 8 months I made more money than in my entire career! It’s incredible how free I felt once I got my profit. Will I use Forex and Bitcoin Investment managed account again? Absolutely!

Rick Nordan

When I sold my granny’s house, I started to think how I can multiply the money I got for it. I was looking for ways to invest and coinkrypto turned out to be a great medium to do it. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know much about Forex and Bitcoin Investment, but it seemed to be a realistic way to make money and get tangible profits. At first I had my doubts but as I was watching my account grow every day, any uncertainty of mine started fading away. Now, having made $470k of profit, I’m looking to invest anew and telling all my friends to the same. What can be better than the joy in your wife’s eyes when you’re telling her that you got her the most expensive Jimmy Choos along with some Prada? Only if you add some Manolo Blahnik to the mix!

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